Innergize™ System: A creative force of nature at your command™

Who, what, & why: My name is Phil Donihe, Creator of Innergize and your Innergize Coach for creating astounding progress in your life. I have been applying and continually learning about this approach for over 25 years. The online Innergize System includes the most current knowledge and experience with redirecting this immense energy. Now, you can realize the benefits of this practical and life-changing approach!

“Innergize contributed significantly to uplifting and strengthening my life, as well as directly to an increase in productivity, focus, and optimism. It was an important part of a catapult that quickly launched me into unprecedented progress and growth at speeds that surprised me.” H.M., private client

Start now to create the next level of your life!

Innergize is Innovekt’s proprietary system for redirecting the immense power that motivates human procreation to realize personal and professional goals.

Tap into and benefit from a typically un-utilized, but powerful source of personal energy.

Immediate, long-term, and sustainable results are possible for:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Academies and Universities


  • Improve your productivity while positively affecting your personal growth and relationships with others
  • Take a practical and positive approach to applying your energy so it reduces time and energy waste
  • Master a powerful and life-changing capability with character-based energy redirection


With Our Innergize System You’ll Get:

  • Personalized Goal-setting Coaching

  • ​​How to break through any frustrating life plateau: Even if you’ve been stuck at the same life-place for years

  • Identify and focus efforts on the single most important thing that will move you forward in self-mastery

  • A systematic approach to control your sexual energy and direct it toward the non-sexual life goals of your choosing

  • Over 440 suggestions for specific actions that leverage character virtues in the process of redirecting sexual energy to accomplish goals

  • Multiple personal coaching sessions per month with Phil Donihe

  • Your choice of available subscriptions to the life-changing Innergize System

  • Personalized training on use of the Innergize System

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